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OpenZooMuseum - Corvus capensis
Corvus capensis Lichtenstein, 1823
Family: Corvidae
Cape Crow
Corvus capensis image
48–50 cm; 410–697 g. Large crow with distinctive head-and-bill shape (rather flat forecrown, slim pointed bill with gently decurved culmen, and prominent throat hackles); moderate-length tail with only slightly rounded tip. Plumage is entirely black, glossed with violet and green on upperparts, upperwing and tail, less intensely glossed with bronze on head and neck, with dull black underparts and underwing; with wear, plumage becomes less glossy, at times even quite brownish; iris dark brown; bill and legs black. Sexes alike. Juvenile is similar to adult, but plumage softer and dull sooty brown, although in fresh plumage some gloss on secondaries and tail feathers. Distinguished easily from C. edithae by slender bill and rather flat crown, as well as more squared tail tip. Races differ in size: kordofanensis is smaller than nominate, mean male wing length 321 mm (nominate mean 347 mm).